about us

Modun Resources was established in 2001 and was created to service specific elements within the energy sector both in the US and abroad. Since then we have expanded to having field offices in six countries and are looking to open up another five by 2022. Our team of approximately 234 individuals is comprised of the best of their respective fields. Top of class!

Our list of energy services is broad and includes some of the following.

Energy management and consultancy. Our professional energy auditors and negotiators understand the complexities of working through the red tape of the energy sector regulations and furthermore know how best to negotiate more affordable energy rates for organizations and corporations alike. Pipeline maintenance using hot tapping and line plugging which is great because it is no longer necessary to shutdown the entire pipeline or system to conduct maintenance or repair. Not to mention no product loss. Modun Resources also has the ability to conduct meter proving, sampling & analysis, systems integration, fuel flare venting and many other industrial applications.

For more information on how Modun Resources may help you, please use our contact forms throughout this site to reach out, or call, and we’ll find the right solution for you!